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Hello Loves!

I’m Olga Moskatova and I live in New York City. I moved to the Big Apple in June 2012 to pursue a career in business, working for a software company in the heart of Manhattan. However, as much as I enjoy working in the world of business, I am a true fashionista and writer at heart.

This blog merges the two worlds I live in – the crazy, hectic, coffee-infused world of business and the ever-inspiring and oftentimes even crazier fashion world of glitz and glamour. My mission here is to show that it is possible to stay stylish and fashion-forward even when business-professional/casual attire is your middle name.

To be completely honest, my love for fashion has not always been a part of me. In fact, as a kid, my parents had to chase me around in order to make me try on the pretty clothes they bought for me.

However, things changed after I started taking professional Latin and Ballroom dancing at 6 years old. Being exposed to the world of beautiful dresses, makeup and hair-dos turned out to be quite an addictive thing, and since then there was no turning back.

I remember creating clothes off of my mother’s and grandmother’s (both professional seamstresses) fabric leftovers, practicing my makeup artist skills on my cousins and friends, and collecting endless random clippings and pictures from fashion magazines.  Ever since then, I was mesmerized by all the creative, beautiful things that make our lives just that much more exciting.

Coffee and Glamour is where my two alter egos meet: the coffee-driven busy business lady and glamour-craving fashionista. It is my way of overcoming the fear of expressing myself and sharing my inspiration. I hope you enjoy my fashion and lifestyle diaries and find inspiration on Coffee and Glamour.

There are so many beautiful things in our lives – we just have to take the time to notice them. It is amazing how focusing on something you love can completely change your life! We all are driven by our inspiration, and cultivating it will help even in the most frantic moments.  

My blog is not just about sharing ideas, it is about finding inspiration in our lives and being able to express it, it is about finding your own style and finding yourself, it is about getting closer to each other and sharing great experiences, motivating each other for greater and bigger things.

Thank you very much for all your interest and support!

Best of luck to you all!

xoxo Olga M.

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