Saturday, June 17, 2017

Outside of My Comfort Zone

Today my parents were coming to New York to enjoy a whole day of fun activities and Father's Day celebrations.

For my outfit, I decided to do something outside of my comfort zone. When I tried on these items, I definitely liked how the outfit looked, but my instant reaction to seeing myself in it was "Gosh, I look like a barbie doll. People definitely won't take me seriously." However, the more I was walking around outside, the more I was realizing that people were actually admiring my choice. 

I have been giving a lot of thought to figuring out what my style is. The more I analyze my style, the more I realize that I have a very eclectic way of dressing. I always go for unique, sometimes "weird" pieces. You may not agree with me though - not because what I am saying is not true, but because you don't see me wearing those pieces. They rarely make it out in public. Even through I gravitate towards those out-of-ordinary items, I usually just bring them home, hang them up in my closet, and go for something more low-key, something "normal". My unique pieces end up staying in my closet for months and sometimes years while I am waiting for the right moment to wear them. The problem is that while I love how those pieces look, I always feel too self-conscious to actually wear them in public. 

I'm realizing now how sad and wrong this is. I live in New York City, the capital of fashion, self-expression and living outside of one's comfort zone, and I feel self-conscious following my internal fashion instincts. This needs to change, and I am definitely working on that. I am now trying to wear those items that have been in my closet for a while. And I am now trying to really embrace those "weird" items. 


  1. It is our family's problem. I do exactly the same thing with my clothes. It is time go out of our "boxes". You look stunning in this outfit, Olga!