Saturday, January 28, 2017

Raw, Positive Emotions

All of a sudden I am feeling emotional. There are so many things I frequently complain about. Stupid things, things that don't really matter, things that can be pushed back or entirely ignored. I have been focusing on these things, giving in to feeling petty, scared, lost. It's always easy to get sucked into the negativity, start feeling sorry for yourself, and begin running in all directions trying to 'find yourself'. This needs to change. Especially compared to everything I have received and achieved in my life. In this moment, I feel truly blessed. Blessed to live in the city I admire, blessed to have family and friends with whom I can share my life, blessed to have a job, to be able to pursue higher education and to be able to focus on my hobbies. I still don't know exactly 'who I am', but I don't think anyone will argue with me if I say that 'finding yourself' is not about the final destination, it's about the journey itself. Who we are changes every single day: we grow up, we try new things, we learn what we like and what we dislike, we form our opinions, we change our opinions. It's an ever-evolving process, and that's exactly what makes life worth living. And it's these moments - the moments of true, raw, positive emotions - that I would like to capture going forward. 

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