Thursday, January 5, 2017


Continuing with the whole theme of revisiting memories, today I wanted to talk about another thing I realized - how our dreams have a tendency come true [especially when we want something really, really badly].

As I mentioned in my previous post, there were a few entries in my journals where I specifically expressed what my dreams were at that time - to have friends, to love in the city, and to have a "boss" job. Thinking about these dreams, I realize that all three came true - I have a great circle of friends, I live in NYC, I do pretty much manage a team. What usually throws me off with my dreams is that I am very impatient and I want things "right here, right now." But more and more do I realize that our every dream requires a lot of hard work. First step to achieving a dream is actually having a dream, having that clear idea of what exactly we want. Second step is what it going to make or break that dream for you (that phase again - "make or break" - but we'll return to it later) - don't you think it is silly to just get your wish out into the universe and hope that there are some forces that will make it come true? Nope, that is not how it works. Every dream has to be earned. Whether it's physically taking some steps to make your wish come true (for example, applying for jobs and going on interviews, if you are looking for a new job) or mentally working on some deeper problems to help you achieve your dreams (for example, working on overcoming your fears and insecurities if you are trying to become a leader within your organization), there has to be some payoff for you to be rewarded.

The reason I started this post was actually to talk about one dream of mine in particular - New York City. Today, I opened a couple of my blog posts from the time when I just moved to NYC. The amount of excitement I was experiencing at that time I can still feel when I read those posts. All my thoughts were about "working hard at a Manhattan company, walking through the busy streets of the city every day, exploring all the hidden nooks and corners, checking out various parks and new opening exhibitions, shows, restaurants and clubs, shopping in the best stores, and appreciating everything the city has to offer - in other words, being a true New Yorker at heart." Now it has been four and a half years since I moved to NYC, and I still absolutely love it here!

Examples like this should give us the motivation and strength to move on, to believe that anything is possible, and to know that if we want something bad enough and we work for it, we can definitely achieve it. Of course, there are still things that I wish for that have not come true, but it does not mean that I need to give up, it just means that there is still more work to do to reach those dreams.


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