Sunday, October 2, 2016

Suburban Exposure

Living in the city is amazing. However, every once in a while, I would have those moments when I am 'craving' some suburban exposure. For those moments, I have two perfect solutions - one, going to visit my parents in the Philadelphia suburbs, and two, going to visit my friends in Lancaster, PA. 

My favorite part about both is that I can completely relax and let my mind clear. I can put on a sweatshirt and walk around in it all day without caring too much. These are my true times to relax, let go, recharge, and then go back to the busy city life. 

This weekend, I was in Lancaster visiting my friends. My favorite thing to do here is to walk around Lancaster City on Sunday mornings, stopping by numerous cafes and trying their breakfasts, coffees, pastries, etc. This Sunday I did exactly what I said above - I put on a comfy sweatshirt and have not taken it off all days. What can I do - this is my idea of a relaxing weekend.

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