Thursday, September 15, 2016

What Are You Afraid Of?

One of these days just stop and listen to your inner voice. Is it encouraging you to get out there and do things, or is it giving you anxiety and preventing you from being you? For me it is mostly the latter scenario, sadly. I am afraid to express my sadness, anger, frustration; I am afraid to think outside the box; I am afraid to disappoint people around me; I am afraid to let people in; etc., etc. But at what point do you stop and realize that as long as you are not hurting anyone, you can pretty much do anything that makes you happy? Every person is an individual 'micro-universe' with its own rules and principles. A lot of times we tend to bend those rules and principles to accommodate other people, to be liked and accepted by other people. But when we do that, the balance in our 'universe' is thrown off. We lose our edge, we lose control over things, and we lose motivation to move on. So when that happens just think - is it worth bending your rules for someone else when as a result you no longer feel yourself? Is it worth making other people like you to your own detriment? Probably not, right? So why continue living like this? Why worry about being liked by others, when all we need to worry about is being liked by ourselves? Let's make a new goal - whenever you feel uncertain about something you do, ask yourself a question "If none of the opinions mattered (good or bad), how would I feel about it? Would this make me happy or would I still question it?" If this is something you are truly doing for yourself, then no other opinions matter. Do not get discouraged by other people's opinions, because they are just that - opinions. They do not (or not should not) play any role in your life. As long as you are determined to do something, as long as your 'universe' is being fulfilled, that's all the reason you need to continue.

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