Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Secret

Do you believe in the law of attraction? Last night I watched as amazing documentary on Netflix - The Secret. The overall premise of the film is basically that our thoughts materialize, we manifest everything that comes our way. It's called the law of attraction - whatever you wish for, think about or imagine having, you will end up receiving.

A lot of people would ask "Well, I only want the good things, so why do the bad things keep happening to me?!" Ok, well do you think about the bad things? The answer is "Yes", correct? So the interesting thing is that the law of attraction applies to both positive and negative vibes. The Universe does not differentiate between good or bad thoughts. Thoughts are thoughts, and whatever you put out into the world, you will receive in return. Our thoughts create our future. You know how sometimes you are running to a meeting and the least thing you want is to be late? You keep thinking "I can't be late, I can't be late...", and then everything just happens to make you extremely late to your meeting - you spill your coffee, you get all red lights on the road, your car breaks down, etc. Think about this deeper: when you say "I can't be late," what you really mean is "I am afraid I will be late," which to the Universe translates into "I will most certainly be late." And there you go - you've just put out a negative thought without even realizing it.

The same logic applies to the way we treat ourselves. If we continuously think "I don't deserve this," "I can't do it," "I will never have it," then all those thoughts will materialize. No matter how hard you have been working on something, if you do not believe that you deserve to be rewarded, you probably will not be, or at least not to the full extent. The Universe will take your thoughts literally, preventing you from having that thing you have been working for just because you believe that you don't deserve it.

Of course it is not possible to stop all negative thoughts right away, but it is possible to select what thoughts to focus on. Change the way you perceive the world around you as well as your own world. Instead of thinking "I can't have it, I do not deserve it," think "This is what I want, I have been working hard for it and I deserve every piece of it.' Throw away the doubts and start believing in yourself and in your life. Be confident that you will have what you want.

If you want love, start with yourself. Love yourself and accept yourself just the way you are. Start doing things to benefit your health. The thought process should change from "I will work out so I can love myself", to "I will work out because I love myself." As was mentioned in the film - we all have the potential and the power to create our world. You just have to decide if you really want it and if it's worthy of you, not if you're worthy of it.

I know there are always a lot of things that we can blame for not getting what we want. We've all had our sad stories. We all had bad childhoods, injuries, illnesses, bad relationships, etc. As the film says - those are all our past events, the "so-whats". The real question, the real "what", is what are you going to do now. You are the writer of your story, of your destiny. So pick up a pen and start writing your beautiful story.