Thursday, September 1, 2016

September 1st

Today is officially the first day of the Fall, by the Russian standards. September 1st in Russia marks the beginning of the Fall; it also marks the beginning of school year, as it is a national first day of school. I did not care much about this day, not until I logged on to Facebook and saw everyone posting pictures of their kids with their backpacks congratulating them with their first day of school. It made me a bit sad. I remember the excitement of going back to school after a long summer break. I remember how my mom would take me shopping to buy a fresh, new school outfit - that perfect black skirt with a perfect white top (in Russia we had to wear a white top and a black bottom as our school uniform). I remember the feeling of seeing your friends after three months of separation, everyone interrupting each other to tell them how their summer went. 

Today we live in a different country with its own holidays and traditions. It's sad to realize that certain things are now gone from our lives. But as I started telling my roommate about how sad I felt about not being able to celebrate September 1st anymore, the first thing she said was: "But if you were back in Russia, you wouldn't have Thanksgiving anymore!" And that's just it. We have to remember that life is all about tradeoffs. We gain something, we lose something - we cannot keep it all. And even if we could, those things would lose their appeal as the overabundance of them would become overwhelming. So enjoy what you have in the present, be grateful for the current moments, and most of all cherish the memories of your past but don't live in your past. Learn to move on and accept what new adventures life throws your way.

All emotional drama aside, I did get a new hair color right before September 1st ;)

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