Sunday, September 4, 2016

Memories of Our Past

Today I'm haunted by the memories and people from the past. Do you have those days when you think about all the people that touched your life at one point or another? People you used to know, used to hang out with, used to be in love with? Today is one of those days for me. I keep remembering the people that were by my side at different stages of my life and it makes me a bit sad to realize that with some of them I completely lost connection. I know it is not healthy holding on to your past (whether it's physical things, events or people), but I tend to return to my past quite often. I think ever since my mom and I moved to the States, our senses got much more heightened - we miss people and places more, we long for certain things more, and hopefully we appreciate certain things more. While the appreciation part of is a great gift, the rest of it isn't easy, because you end up constantly revisiting the past.

It just saddens me that for some people it is so easy to move on and never (and rarely) look back, and I am stuck in this constant longing phase where I try to move on but can't do it just yet. Somehow it is easier to 'bathe' in the memories of the past and 'wish' I could have some of those moments back, rather than get out there and enjoy the present moment. So instead, I just get through the present moments without enjoying them much, so months or years later I can truly appreciate them when they become memories. But the thing is that every moment is special at its specific time and place. You can try to re-live some of your memories, but they will not be as nice as the original events. So keep that in mind when you are thinking about how nice it would be to do something you used to do or to reach out to someone you used to know. Time goes on, people change, we change and something that was dear to us before may not be as special anymore. So keep those memories where they belong - in the past; cherish them but do not dwell on the past too much as you will miss all the wonderful things happening in your life at every given present moment.

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