Saturday, September 17, 2016

Make a Positive Change

I was just talking to my friend about my favorite topic of self-acceptance. I started noticing this annoying trait in myself - I constantly search for reassurance from my friends and family. Due to the lack of self-acceptance, instead of doing what makes me happy and not looking back, I end up living my life by other people's standards and principles. In the process, of course, I move further and further away from my own standards and principles. In addition, I also become that annoying person who constantly plays a victim and makes it all about herself. Every step of the way, I feel the need to confirm that I'm doing the right thing; I feel the need to talk about my issues and hear those reassuring words that "Everything will be OK." The thing is though, we all have our problems, and people in general do not, and should not, care about other people's issues. It is OK to talk to your friends and get advice every once in a while, but when it becomes a constant pattern, it becomes detrimental to friendships and relationships. 

So after my conversation with my friend today, I decided to make a change and put in an extra effort to stop being that annoying, insecure person. Everyone has insecurities - you cannot be 100% sure you are always making the right decision or acting the right way. But if you decided to do something at the time, stick with your decision. Stop questioning whether or not it was the right one. You are the creator of your life - there is no one that can tell you what's right or wrong. No one knows you and your current situation the way you do, and when looking for reassurance from other people you give up that power to be in control of our own life. You become dependent on other people's opinions, and that leads you into those unwanted situations where you live to satisfy the others. So make a change right now and stop trying to live by other people's guidelines - it's not healthy for you and it's not healthy for the relationship you have with that person. 

And most importantly, learn to think positively and create good energy around you. Carry confidence and self-acceptance, and you will see how everything around you will shape up in the way that works for you.

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