Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Life is a Puzzle

I have mentioned it before, how every year I go through a similar cycle of emotions, which is especially apparent during the fall season. As soon as it starts getting cooler outside, my mind is triggered into the same melancholic, and almost hopeless state (don't worry I come out of it eventually). Though this year seems a bit different. It's mid September, it's getting darker and cooler outside, and I am starting to get that familiar, vaguely sad feeling. However, my mornings now are filled with thoughts of gratitude and this very subdued feeling of happiness. Every morning I am incredibly thankful for living in my favorite city and still loving it. I had a number of attempts to leave New York. I was looking all over the country, I would even say all over the world (Mexico? Russia?), applying for jobs, looking for apartments. But somehow none of those attempts yielded any results. It's like something was holding me here, and now I cannot thank life enough for this opportunity (and also my mom for making me realize just how much I would miss this).

I still go through a whirlwind of emotions every day but I am learning to deal with them. Just a couple of years ago these emotional roller coasters made me miserable. They used to be strange and unfamiliar - I did not know how to handle them. Now they are my "known". Now I am learning to accept them and extract the best out of them. They help me see things in perspective and truly appreciate life for what it gives me. When I am happy, I am truly happy. When I'm sad, I embrace it and try to dig deeper to try and figure out what is causing my anxiety.

Our lives are like a puzzle. We are all given a bunch of pieces and we are given an opportunity to try and fit those pieces together. Some people go through the process strategically, exploring the given 'options', coming up with a plan of action and then bringing it to life. Some people opt out of the opportunity and just place the pieces in a random pattern to simply get by. Some people spend too much time trying to find the right piece on the first try. It's up to us to decide which way to take; but regardless of your chosen path, don't be afraid to misplace your pieces. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes.

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