Friday, August 5, 2016

Living Room Coffee Table

I realized recently that my blog has a few sections where I barely post anything. So I decided to start incorporating posts other than fashion to make sure those sections are also being filled up with some content. One such section is Interior Design. This is the area that I do wish I captured more on my blog as the apartment I live in currently has become a good representation of my (and my roommate's) personal style. 

For today's post, I would like to present you with a few pictures of the coffee table we have in our living room. To decorate it, we put a centerpiece of roses in a bubble vase, an elegant creamer and sugar bowl set (which, of course, is for decoration only. It's never actually being used), and a pile of magazines and books. I really like how the table turned out - it's elegant and classy, and still can be used to hold food and drinks when we decide to eat/drink in front of the TV.

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