Saturday, August 27, 2016

Bookstore Meetup

Today I met up with one of my friends to hang out in the city and catch up on what's going on in our lives. I have not seen her in a while, so this was a much needed meet-up. We met up at a bookstore in Union Square (Barnes & Noble), looked at some books and magazines, and then took course outside to stroll around the city in the summer heat. 

There is nothing better than walking through the streets of New York and discussing our goals and aspirations. Something about this city makes you believe that everything is possible. Something about this city makes you forget your worries and get inspired to strive for more. Something about this city makes you realize how important it is to love yourself and to treat yourself right. 

I keep creating and then changing my goals, adjusting them every day for the mood I am in at that moment. The sad thing is that I don't really have specific goals at this point of my life. I am kind of just letting things happen to see where I end up. On the other hand, my goal for a while has been focusing more on myself - learning to love myself the way I am, learning to treat myself right, and learning to avoid creating situations in which I do things I know I will later regret. It is all a work in progress, it will definitely take a very long time to reach that ultimate goal of being happy in each moment; however, it is days like this that help me stay on track and that get me back on track when I stray away from my path. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Those Hot Summer Days

Another Sunday on Brighton Beach. I cannot tell you enough just how happy I am that we discovered this NYC gem! I know people have very mixed opinions about the New York beaches, and especially this one, but honestly I am not very picky when it comes to relaxing by the ocean. Ocean, hot summer day, pretty boardwalk and an amazing Russian restaurant right on the boardwalk - what else does one need? 

Today I decided not to swim, just didn't feel like it. So my roommate and I walked from Brighton Beach to Coney Island along the beach with our feet in the water, then switched to the boardwalk on the way back to Tatiana's, the best Russian restaurant (if I say so myself). 

This day at the beach was wonderful as usually. Days like this really put things in perspective. We all have such crazy busy lives. Sometimes living in New York can be a real whirlwind of events that just drop on you out of nowhere. Therefore, it is a true blessing that we have places like this one so close to where we live, where it is possible to have a nice getaway just for one day. And then, we're back into the craziness. <3

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Day Two of Splurge Week

This week my roommate and I decided to have a splurge week, so for the second day in a row we went out for dinner after work. Another Russian one, one favorite Russian Samovar. 

Today I was wearing this dress I got from Lulu's. I like this dress because it's not your typical summer dress. It's a little dressier, but still casual enough to be comfortable. At work I wore high heels with it; however, after work I decided to trade those for comfortable flats. It is extremely painful to walk around the city in high heels. Unless you are getting to your destination in a car, it is never a good idea to wear heels to walk around the city as we do not even realize just how much walking living here involves. 

Monday, August 15, 2016

Constant Struggle

I feel like my life is a constant struggle, a constant competition with my own self. I set up unrealistic goals and make up these rules for myself, that are almost impossible to follow, and then when I break those rules, I end up feeling lost, disoriented and empty. I get discouraged to pursue that goal, and I have to start from the beginning, setting up a new goal, creating new rules, trying to follow them. 

Why is that? Why do I continue doing this? I am always happy when other people are happy, but it seems like I can never be happy myself. Not that there are no things to make me happy - trust me, there are plenty, but somehow I always pick out the ones I need to worry about, I always focus on my failures, on those impossible rules. 

It is tiring. It's like I'm chasing an idea of something, but I don't even know what it is. It also does not help when that idea I'm chasing keeps changing, and every time I make up my mind, my mind starts racing, I start questioning my decision, and then I'm on to a new goal. Has it always been like this or was I better at making goals and sticking with them before? I guess it depends. When it comes to academics and my career path it seems to be easier to set up specific goals and stick to them. However, when it comes to my own self, to the person I am and the person I want to be, I face a dead-end. Who am I? What do I need to focus on to become a better person? What is my style? What are my goals, other than my career goals? 

There are two things I have been saying to myself for the longest time: "I just want to be healthy and happy." But what exactly does it mean? What does 'being healthy' mean and what are the specific things that will make me 'happy'? I hope the answer comes soon, until then I will continue wondering and just keep being me, just a Russian girl living in NYC, trying to figure this life out. 

Friday, August 5, 2016

Living Room Coffee Table

I realized recently that my blog has a few sections where I barely post anything. So I decided to start incorporating posts other than fashion to make sure those sections are also being filled up with some content. One such section is Interior Design. This is the area that I do wish I captured more on my blog as the apartment I live in currently has become a good representation of my (and my roommate's) personal style. 

For today's post, I would like to present you with a few pictures of the coffee table we have in our living room. To decorate it, we put a centerpiece of roses in a bubble vase, an elegant creamer and sugar bowl set (which, of course, is for decoration only. It's never actually being used), and a pile of magazines and books. I really like how the table turned out - it's elegant and classy, and still can be used to hold food and drinks when we decide to eat/drink in front of the TV.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Feminine and Edgy

The outfit I picked for today is a combination of feminine and edgy pieces. I paired this flowy skirt with a distressed denim jacket and chunky shoes. I love combining such different styles as, if put together correctly, it gives any outfit a fun, interesting finish.