Saturday, July 30, 2016

Penn's Landing Photoshoot

This weekend I was visiting my parents in Philadelphia again. The first item on our itinerary was stopping by Penn's Landing, which is a waterfront area of Philadelphia Center City along the Delaware River, to shoot some photographs. Eugene [my stepdad] just bought yet another flash that yet again was "better than anything else he has," and we just had to test it out. We were not complaining though - it is not that often these days that we get together and specifically go to beautiful, scenic places to have a little photoshoot. 

The day was incredibly hot. Actually not as much hot as humid. It was supposed to rain but the rain took its time to begin, and we were left with the sticky, stuffy air around us. But that did not stop the progress, and we took our course to our selected destination. The process was as usually fun and entertaining - we ended up having an amazing time smiling, laughing, throwing snark remarks at each other for whose 'vision' of photography is best. As a result, we have a great library of beautiful photographs. Please see for yourself.

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