Thursday, July 21, 2016

New Hair, Again

Yes, the inevitable happened - I decided to go blonde again. I just went to San Francisco on my vacation and my friend there has these beautiful blonde highlights. Every time I would look at her hair, I would remember how much fun it was being blonde. So as soon as my plane landed in JFK airport, I emailed my hair stylist, admitting to her that 'Yes, I know I am crazy' and does she have any openings tomorrow. She did! She also responded with a long 'hahahaha' - she knows how insane I am when it comes to my hair. It's about those changes, and unfortunately I want them a little too often. 

This time, she told me if we do this, I cannot do anything else until at least September. I agreed and told her if she sees yet another email from me, she definitely can ignore it and put me on her 'blocked' list. We both laughed, but I knew that this time I would absolutely have to wait at least until the fall as otherwise my hair would start breaking off. I keep making these jokes, but I do need to be careful this time as the process of lightening very dark hair can be quite damaging. 

This whole experience made me think how happy I am that I am finally settling down in New York. You know those moments when you live somewhere for a long time, you have all your necessary people (such as hair stylist, doctors, dentists, etc.) around you, and then you move and you have to start the search for those people all over again. It takes time, and it gets frustrating because you go through bad experiences, but then once you find the right person, you feel like your life is finally coming together, like all pieces of the puzzle are coming into place. I'm glad I found an amazing hair stylist, who is honest, personable and trustworthy. It always makes my transformations fun and easy. Maybe a little too fun and easy...

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