Friday, July 15, 2016

Just an Outfit

Another one of my closet pieces that I bought a while ago and have never worn. This skirt has been in my closet for one or two summers, and finally it saw the light. See, this is exactly why I have troubles with getting rid of things I don't wear because I know that someday I will find a use for them.


  1. Olga, to avoid accumulating things in my closet I don't wear, I have a policy: Unless I am buying something specifically for a future event, if I don't wear it within two weeks of buying it, I take it back. "Off the rack, onto the back" is my shopping philosophy, and if I don't wear it immediately, I must not love it. Back to the store it goes.

    1. That's a good strategy! My problem is that everything I buy I put away for a 'special occasion'. But who said every day can't be a special occasion? It is definitely something I am working on!