Sunday, June 19, 2016

Last Day of Parents Weekend

And the last day of our mini-vacation was, of course, incredibly busy again. As usually we went to Gratitude to have breakfast, and then took course into Manhattan.

Of course, since at this point Eugene (my stepdad) was with us, we could not miss the opportunity to take photos, lots of photos on every step of the way. Him and his camera are indeed best friends.

In Manhattan, we got off the train at Canal Street to walk around Soho a little bit. I love this area of New York, especially on weekend mornings. Soho gets very crowded during the day, as it is everyone's favorite area for shopping. However, in the mornings, it is usually very bearable. I love coming here early Saturdays or Sundays and witnessing it coming alive. In the early mornings, there are not that many people and you get watch the stores just get ready for their busy days.

I also love this area for its architecture. It is very beautiful and unique, and of course we had to take more photos here.

We did check out a couple of stores, but we were good - no damage to the wallet.

And then we had a spontaneous idea to go to the movies. It was a hot day, we did not really have any plans, and we still had a lot of time to kill before lunch. So an air-conditioned place that would help us stay occupied until lunch sounded like a perfect idea. 

Turned out though, the movie we watched was an absolute disappointment. It was not horrible, but just very uneventful. There was no plot, no real actions, it was very bland. 

And then... I got bangs! Yes, the inevitable happened. But please note - I had lasted for quite a long time without cutting my bangs, so this was way past due. Do I regret having had them done now (as I usually do)? Maybe. Maybe not. I'm still figuring that one out. But let's face it, I would not have been entirely happy regardless of whether I cut them or didn't. So if neither option would have brought me pure joy, I think having chosen change was the right decision.

The final stop before going home, was Dean & DeLuca. Since we had quite a heavy lunch, we decided to just stop by a bakery, get some desserts and have them at home with some champaign. Dean & DeLuca was a perfect place for this.

This was the end of our amazing day, and the overall weekend. As usually, we had a blast. It's always sad when the time with my parents comes to an end, as every time we are together, we have the time of our lives. But the good news is we still live close to each other and we always have future plans for more and more fun activities. 


  1. Olga, This makes me miss Manhattan. It looks like a great time. I like the bangs and also the Aldo bag!