Saturday, May 7, 2016

Unexpected Surprises

I like planning. I plan so many thing that I get annoyed with my own self for not letting things just be. And when I plan things, I usually end up disappointed because things rarely happen the way I want them to and unexpected surprises always find their way into our lives. When things suddenly happen in a way you would not have imagined, you have to adjust. I feel sometimes like the themes of our lives can be summed up in that one word - "adjust." As much as we try to foresee certain things, we can never predict what is going to happen. So let's stop planning our every move and take changes as they come. 

This Saturday I spent in Coney Island/Brighton Beach. The weather was very gloomy, but it actually suited the mood. Sometimes it is nice to embrace the sadness and wallow in it for a day or so (as long as you don't stay in it for a very long time). So that's what I did - I enjoyed my weird mood, I got it out of my system and I was on the way to feeling better eventually. 

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