Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Sweet 26

I think I mentioned before that I am absolutely obsessed with my birthdays. For some reason, since I was a child I put a lot of thought and planning into each and every of my birthdays. Every year, I try to do something special, as it truly is the day to feel special. This year my birthday fell on a Tuesday. Without much hesitation I decided this day is definitely worth taking a day-off for, so I requested that Tuesday and the next Wednesday off. 

This year I did not actually have any crazy plans (like going to Mexico last year, or ending up at a crazy dance party the year before). This year the focus was on spending quality time by myself, pampering myself throughout the day, and then going out for dinner with my friends from work. 

So I slept in (I did the best I could, but I think I still got up before 8AM), and as soon as I woke, I opened my birthday gift from my parents/myself (we shared the cost).

Next, I had a lazy breakfast at Gratitude Cafe (of course)

After I came home from breakfast, I got ready and headed out to Manhattan. PS - since this is my birthday post, I get to post a ton of selfies.

In Manhattan, I took a walk in Central Park. The weather was pretty gray that day, but I still enjoyed the sereneness and grandeur of the Park. 

Unfortunately, this is the only picture of my outfit and it's absolutely horrendous. Happens...

After my walk in the park, I had a nice lunch at Le Pain Quotidien on Upper West Side.

Followed by a mani/pedi appointment.

And finally, it was time for dinner. We went to a new place - OoviƱa , which has now become one of our favorite hangout spots.

After dinner I headed home, happy and very content with my birthday celebration. And just as I thought that the day was over, my roommate (the best roommate in the world) showed up with two small bottles of champaign! 

May all our lives be filled with pleasant surprises. May we have the wisdom to stay open to new challenges, new opportunities and new rewards. May we have the strength to stay true to who we are.

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