Sunday, May 15, 2016

Early Birthday Celebration

This year my birthday celebrations began a few days prior to the actual birthday. In Russia, there is a whole theory of how you cannot celebrate your birthday earlier since "you have not been born yet." But I've noticed that in the U.S. no one cares about these things, so I decided to side with the latter. Since my birthday fell on Tuesday, I went to Philadelphia the weekend before to celebrate with my parents. We were planning to go to this French restaurant in Philadelphia - Parc Restaurant. Once we got there and saw how crowded it was (and the wait was over an hour) we took a different course and headed towards our other favorite place on Philadelphia - Greek restaurant Estia. I spoke about this in the last post, but sometimes it is so important to just go with the flow instead of planning things. When we got to Estia, instantly we all realized that this place should have been our first choice. It's a very nice place which does not fail to make you feel special. I could not have hoped for a better outcome.


  1. Olga, For many years, I celebrated my "birthday month." On the first of the month, Jim would give me a card to begin the celebration and throughout the month, I would get together with friends to celebrate. One day is not enough and in the same way that a woman in her last month of pregnancy is especially anxious for her baby to be born, anticipating one's actual birth day is reason to celebrate. (You may have also heard of people in this country who celebrate their "half birthday"--if their birthday falls at a time when they are not in school or another holiday is too close to their actual birthday (like Christmas) they celebrate a half-birthday six months before or after the actual date. What the heck? Why not? We also sometimes celebrate "Christmas in July" on July 25 (as a half-Christmas celebration--we are going to do this at my work this year and have a day of making Christmas cards as a craft activity). Russians may be great at celebrating when the day comes, but Americans are great at making up opportunities to celebrate. :-)

    1. Ms. Madeline, and I absolutely love it about Americans! I love that here people try to make the most out of everything. It's our way of celebrating life itself, of giving thanks for what we have :)