Sunday, March 13, 2016

Friends Weekend

Finally, the weekend that I planned a while ago has arrived, and with it my trip to Lancaster to visit my friends was on the agenda. Believe it or not, but Lancaster, PA has become one of my favorite hide-away spots. When I need to relax and hang out with my old friends, I know I am always welcome there. This weekend, my friend and I had very busy plans. Since I don't come here that often, we decided that we have to fit everything in. I arrived on Saturday and we began the weekend with lunch at one of my favorite cafes in Lititz, a town near Lancaster - Tomato Pie Cafe. It's friendly atmosphere and delicious food provided exactly the right way to start off our adventures. 

Next on the agenda was walking around on the streets of Lititz and checking out every single coffee shop, just to see what they have (and sometimes buy a cup of coffee :)

Also, we could not pass the cute little shops crowding the streets of this town.This below is a tea shop, which contains probably hundreds of various teas, for any taste. 

Next, we went to a fancy restaurant, Belvedere, to have dinner and drinks before going out to the bars. I got a Caesar salad, and from its presentation to the way it tasted, I can say I've never had a salad this good!

After dinner, there was an array of bars that we visited, and each and every one of them was exceptional!

The next morning, the plan was to go hiking. It seemed like it was going to rain any minute, which made the trails look so mesmerizing. 

After our 'mini workout', we went out for brunch. 

The rest of the day was spent relaxing, watching the TV and eating more delicious food. I can say that the weekend was definitely a success!

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