Saturday, March 5, 2016

Brighton Beach Birthday Celebration

This Saturday my roommate and I had big plans. First, the plan was to go to the Gratitude Cafe to work on our laptops for a bit, and then we were planning to go to Brighton Beach to celebrate her upcoming birthday at a Russian restaurant, Tatiana's.

It was still quite chilly outside, but the boardwalk looked absolutely beautiful. And the restaurant too. The last time we came here was last summer. The weather was nice so we sat outside. This time, however, since it was still cold, we parked inside, among all the beautiful served and decorated tables. This restaurant is definitely one of my absolute favorites - the food is delicious, the drinks are strong and the service is warm and caring. And they let us sit there for hours, which is always an added bonus as this is a place where we want to relax and chat away.

True Russian, wearing a bright floral coat

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