Sunday, February 28, 2016

Ocean City in the Winter

This time when I was visiting my parents, I took at extra day-off on Monday, because Sunday night was the night of the Oscars. Since we had an extra day, we decided not to waste it and to do something we would not typically be able to do - go to the beach. It was still quite cold outside, but the idea of spending a couple of hours by the ocean still sounded like the best idea. So we slept in on Sunday, had a quick breakfast at home, and then headed out on our adventure. 

Ocean City, NJ is only a little over an hour away from where my parents live; therefore, the trip was pretty quick and relaxed. We got to Ocean City around noon; the weather was sunny but very windy, and still it was wonderful to be by the water, breathing in the salty air, looking at the ocean waves, opening our faces to the winter sun. We were there for only a couple of hours, but even that was enough to refresh, boost out energy and come back happier people.

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