Sunday, February 14, 2016

Galentine's Day

Who said that Valentine's Day with your galfriends, aka Galentine's Day, can't be absolutely amazing? Today's celebration was exactly what was needed. My roommate and I decided to dedicate this day to ourselves and self-love, so we decided to fit in all the activities we enjoy - eating, drinking, shopping, singing. 

First, we went to our favorite cafe by our apartment, Gratitude, to have some breakfast and work on our laptops. The weather outside was absolutely ridiculous (3 degrees Fahrenheit in the morning!), so it was nice to hide away in a nice, warm cafe. 

After breakfast, I did my grocery shopping, we got ready and got on the train into the city to go to our favorite Russian restaurant, Russian Samovar. As usually, the food and drinks were so delicious! After three hours of talking, drinking infused vodka martinis and eating the best Russian food, we headed out to do some shopping at Forever 21 in Times Square. 

Once shopping was completed, we grabbed more food and then ended up at a Korean karaoke place. Such a fun day, so much has been accomplished! 

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