Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Everything in Life is Fleeting

This year is shaping up to be a significant one. Two of my best friends from work are planning to leave New York by the end of the year. This news, of course, breaks my heart as we grew quite close and it will truly be the end of a great relationship. Of course, we will try to see each other even after we separate, but it will not be the same, we will not be able to say ‘Hi’ to each other every morning at work, we will not be able to grab drinks after work to lash out our frustrations and share our adventures. Even writing this brings tears to my eyes, but this is life, and everything in life is fleeting.

I definitely have an issue with letting go. My entire life I keep holding on to things; I keep going back to the different events from my past and wanting so much to relive them. “Remember that time back in college…”, “Remember in Russia…”, “Remember on that trip to Mexico…” But this is not how life works. You have to welcome the changes as they come your way. You have to be flexible and open to new things. You have to remember that days, months, years later these will be the things you will want to return to.

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