Saturday, February 20, 2016


I think all human beings can be divided into two categories: first, people who are always sorry, and second, people who don’t give a sh*t. The first category seems to always be apologetic for their existence, the second category does not see anything wrong with anything they do. And you know what? Good for them, that second category. I admire people’s ability to ignore all criticism and live to their own happiness. Of course, I’m not talking about being mean to others and doing whatever it takes to get what you want; I’m talking about a simple ability to turn off your sensitivity to other people’s criticism and enjoy your life to the fullest.

I definitely belong to the first, apologetic category of people, but I'm getting tired of apologizing for everything I do. Especially that usually what I do is nothing bad. People do some really crazy things and they're not sorry. Why do I have to feel bad about every single step I take?! I can still be honest and thankful without feeling bad for my actions. I know I always mean well and if I slip it's never intentional, so why apologize for something I can't control?

The worst thing is that typically it's all in my head. In general, people don’t care about other people. We think that everyone notices, remembers and judges us based on everything we do/say, where in fact, unless we do/say something really stupid or controversial, no one really cares. If you think about it, everyone is quite self-centered, as we all think that other people care so much about our actions and our choices. Given this fact, what matters most is how we feel saying or doing certain things. If something makes you happy – do it, and do it without looking back or thinking what others may think about you. 

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