Sunday, January 31, 2016

Weekend Home

Finally, the weekend we all have been waiting for has arrived. By 'all' I mean myself and my parents, as we have patiently waited for the weather to calm down so I could take a trip from New York to Philadelphia. I was originally planning my visit for the previous weekend, but out of nowhere, a snowstorm decided to ruin my plans. So the trip was postponed to the next weekend, and on Saturday morning of that next weekend I was on my way to see my parents. 

Our plans for this weekend were absolutely amazing - lunch at a newly found Italian restaurant, followed by staying in, watching TV, talking, drinking and eating more food. What could be better? As usually, this weekend home was a breath of fresh air for me, a nice getaway from the chaotic New York life. I love living in New York, but every once in a while, it is nice, and sometimes necessary, to go away for a weekend, relax, spend some time with the family, talk about what is important in life, and then return with a newly gained motivation and drive. This weekend gave me exactly that. And so, with a re-established goal of focusing on myself (e.g. self-love, confidence, etc.), I came back ready to begin the new week. How wonderful it is to have a home that makes you feel better every time you go back!

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