Saturday, January 9, 2016

Lazy Saturday

I am definitely a person who likes making plans. I am also definitely a person who likes to break all the plans and just go on with the day to see what it brings. The initial plan for today was waking up early, going to the gym (this was tentative though), then meeting up with a friend in the city for coffee and girl talk.

When I woke up the clock showed that it was not that early anymore. I decided that today was meant to be a very lazy day, where I could just stay in and enjoy not doing anything. So instead of everything that was planned, I made a quick trip to a grocery store, bought some snacks, stopped by a local coffee shop on the way back to get a coffee and a bagel, and locked myself in my apartment to indulge in my snacks and a rerun of Sex and the City. Saturdays are, after all, meant to be relaxing.

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