Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Celebrating New Year's (like celebrating my birthday) has always been a huge deal for me. See, in Russia, New Year's celebration is typically the biggest holiday of the year. People dress to the nines, get together and party all night long, just so they can brag the next day how late they stayed up the night before.

This year I kept going back and forth between staying in with friends and not doing anything or going out but doing something not too crazy. The latter idea won (thank goodness, otherwise I would have definitely regretted not doing anything). Every New Year's I try to do something different and make the celebration a special one. Two years ago, I spent it with the Russians at my aunt and uncle's house; last year, I went out clubbing with friends; this year, the plan was to spend the New Year's at a nice restaurant and go home on the earlier side to wake up feeling great in the morning. After a lot of research on the venue, the final decision was made in favor of a small Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village.

I can confidently say that this New Year’s celebration was one of the best ones yet! We got to dress up and meet the New Year surrounded by friends at a beautifully decorated restaurant with amazing food. Now, that is my idea of an excellent celebration!

xx Irina M.

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