Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas with Family and Friends

This year, our Christmas celebration was a bit unusual (in a good way). My friend from London came over to visit me and spend some time in New York. I suggested that she come with me to Philadelphia to spend Christmas with my family. 

In prior years, we would usually go to my aunt and uncle's house. They would have a big celebration for our families and friends. This year, however, their kids were spanning Christmas in New York, so they decided to spend Christmas at my parents'.

Living in New York, I don't get to experience the real Christmas spirit. That is why going to my parents' house is always an exciting experience for me as I get to see the true spirit of Christmas. My mom was in charge of Christmas decorations and cooking. When we came, the house was flawless. The whole living room was covered in lights and Christmas decoration, and of course in the center of it all stood the most beautiful Christmas tree. This home never feels more like home as it does on Christmas.

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