Saturday, November 7, 2015


This year the plan for my mom's birthday was a three-day celebration filled with different events and activities. Since her birthday fell on a Sunday, I took the following Monday off just so we could relax and not rush our celebration. On Saturday, we had a girls-only party at To-Kai, an Asian fusion restaurant in the Russian area of Philadelphia. I had heard a lot about this place as it became one of the first choices for all outings and holidays; however, I myself had not been there before my mom's birthday party. 
This place is definitely a worthy option to have, with its beautiful decor and delicious menu. We had a truly amazing time, taking, laughing, catching up after a long time of not having seen each other.
After the 'opening night' at To-Kai, we had big plans for the rest of the weekend, but the details are to come in the next post.

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