Sunday, September 13, 2015


The best weekends in New York happen when you have absolutely nothing planned in advance. Somehow, it is on those weekends, that you end up having the most fun. This Sunday, my roommate and I decided to go to the city and spend a day exploring. First up, the plan was to get breakfast somewhere in Midtown. We took the train into the city and decided to get off in Time Square to find something nice and not too pricey. The first stop was Bryant Park, one of my favorite places in New York. This small park, located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues and between 40th and 42nd Streets, is one of the most beautiful places in the city. Summer movies, yoga, Christmas shops and ice-skating rink - there is always something going on.

Having walked through the park, we decided to get breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien located right on the edge on the park. 

Breakfast was followed by a walk up Fifth Avenue towards Central Park. On the way, we stopped by a few stores, and of course I could not resist buying a few new clothing items.

After a long walk and intense shopping process, we were hungry for more food. Destination - Cafe Lalo, one of my favorites on Upper West Side.

Exhausted but happy, we took the course home right after lunch. I will always love these days, when without prior planing you end up having the best time. 

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