Monday, September 14, 2015

Mind-Body Connection

Those of you who know me, also know about my health-related issues and struggles over the past few years. From one thing to another, it seems like these issues never end. I get better and then I get worse, unable to keep the healthy state of my body. Two weeks ago, I made a decision to go back on the SCD diet that helped me initially (a couple of years ago). I was determined to start it for good now as 'I have a known issue and this is something that is supposed to help me'. Two weeks later, I am not feeling any better, if not feeling worse. As I started talking to my roommate about this vicious cycle, she brought up a very good point: "What about that time last year when you came back from Russia? You said you were feeling great not falling any dietary restriction?" When she said that, at first I didn't even know what she was referring too. And then it hit me. I completely forgot about the time when I went to Russia last October and came back feeling absolutely amazing. The solution? Surprisingly enough, I let myself indulge into anything I wanted. I did not count calories, I did not pay attention to what's allowed and what's not, i did not feel guilty after eating certain foods; I just enjoyed my food, truly enjoyed it to the fullest. As I started thinking about it, it all started making sense to me. While I do not deny the fact that I do have heath issues, I keep disregarding the most important fact - that above all, the issue lies in my head. The more restrictions (even seemingly healthy ones) I apply, the worse I start feeling. And on the contrary, the more I'm able to let go, the better I start feeling. So starting today, I am going to try something new. I am going to try and not put any restrictions on my diet. My focus is on enjoying my food by approaching food with a healthy mind. I am letting go of all 'rules' and 'healthy tips' and focusing on listening to my own body. I will give this a try again and see how I feel by the end of the week. They say it is all about that mind-body connection, and I am willing to give this a try.
But for now, my summery outfit:

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