Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Home Visit

Last weekend I went home to Philadelphia to visit my parents. Summer is always a busy time for us to get together. With all the events going on in my and my mom's lives, we hardly see each other throughout the summer. However, when we do get together, we always end up having an absolutely amazing time.

This weekend we had big plans as it was the weekend of our nine year anniversary of having been in the United Stares. Therefore, the plan was to have a celebratory dinner on Saturday night. But first, we decided to visit some of the places we used to visit a lot. First, we started with Burlap and Bean coffee shop. 

This place is my favorite coffee shop by my parents' house. It's not very close to where they live (about a 29 minute drive), but it's definitely worth the drive! I remember right before I moved to New York, my mom and I would go there and think about our lives apart from each other. The conversations were bittersweet - I was going away to live my dream, I was after all going away. Now, after three years of having lived in New York, it's nice to remember and reflect on those times.

Next stop was Trader Joe's in Media, PA. This year we decided not to go out to any restaurants, but instead to have a nice dinner at home, so we can relax and have a nice conversation. Therefore, we went to our favorite store to buy some delicious produce.

After the grocery shopping, we could not simply go home, so the decision was to stop by a newly renovated Indian restaurant to have their amazing cocktails. 

By the time we finished our cocktails, it was time to go home and start preparing dinner. As soon as we pulled up home, I remembered how I used to take so many blog pictures right in our parking lot in front of the house. I decided to 'relive the past' and have some photos taken in the same spot:

Next up was the celebratory dinner itself, but that's for the next post. 

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  1. Ooooo, Olga! It is such a sweet post! Time always flies when we get together! I miss you already!