Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sample Sales

Up until a little over a year ago I thought sample sales were an urban myth. I had never been to one, and in my mind they were something only available to certain people with certain connections or only shown in the movies. Until one day one of my coworker friends walked into the office and announced that she had heard about a Tahari sample sale that was starting that day. "Let's just go check it out" was the verdict we both gave. A couple hours later, we left the venue with a few purchased items, and a feeling of great accomplishment. This hot pink top was one of the purchases that day. Every time I look at it in my closet, I see the distinctive difference between an item of high quality, such as this one, and the items purchased at the typical stores I go to where everything is trendy but cheap. Wearing an item like this makes me realize that it is time to put quality over quantity. It is time for me to stop shopping for bags of clothes, just because they are 'cute and cheap'. It is time to learn how to invest into my clothing choices, as wearing nicer clothes can be a great self-confidence boost. 

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