Friday, March 27, 2015

Red Dress

What can be better than a fabulous night on the town with your loved ones?! Last weekend my mom and stepdad came to New York to celebrate my stepdad’s birthday. The arrangements could not have been better – a hotel room in Midtown close to Central Park, a great agenda for Saturday night/Sunday morning and of course the fact that we were together again.

In the past few months, my choice of outfits has centered on the fact that it is freezing in New York City. This winter yet again proved to me that I am not good with cold weather. In addition to constantly being uncomfortable in my out body no matter how warm I dress and constantly feeling sad and discouraged mostly for that reason, at the end of the day (or rather in the mornings, when I wake up in my freezing room) I just stopped caring about what I wear and how I look – I just want to be warm. This time, however, regardless of the weather, this occasion called for a fancy outfit. I opted for red.

I never really wore red before. Even though it is my favorite color, I always felt like it’s a color that attracts too much attention which I had always tried to avoid. But this time was different. This time I put on a bright red dress without hesitation and I felt amazing wearing it. I keep talking about all the changes within me and I think this confirms them once again. This may seem like a minor, unimportant occurrence, but it does mean a lot to me.

Dress: Express