Tuesday, December 30, 2014

New Year

Just like that the year 2014 has come to its end. While I am usually very excited about the arrival of the New Year, this time I am actually getting emotional about it. I am not sure whether it is because it was my year (the year of Horse, according to Chinese horoscope), or because this year has been a truly good year, but it is a little difficult to let this one go.

I entered this year in a very gloomy, depressed and uninspired state of mind. This was the first year I did not make any New Year’s resolutions – I did not have any aspirations or motivation to set any goals for myself. I only had one wish – to start accepting myself and to learn to be happy. Fast forward 365 days, and here I am - much happier, much healthier, much more accepting of myself; therefore, this was probably also the first year where my goal came true. So much has changed – my location, my appearance, my interests, my attitude, and on these last days of the year 2014 I can say that my mission was accomplished. I am happy with who I am, where I am, and I am excited to see what is ahead of me.

I hope everyone has a great New Year’s celebration and enters the New Year 2015 with positive intentions, strong motivation and beautiful dreams, which will definitely come true.

Happy New Year <3


  1. Happy New Year to you, too. I am glad this was a year of growth for you. Congratulations on seeing the beautiful you the rest of us have seen for a long time!

    1. Thank you, Ms. Madeline!!! It is with your support that I got so far!!