Saturday, November 1, 2014

New Home

I have had quite a few events worth writing about since the last time I posted. I apologize for not being ‘on top of it’ for the past few weeks, but I will try to catch up on at least the most memorable moments. First of all, since my last post was the expression of how I felt right before I went to Russia, of course I would like to write a little bit about the trip.

All in all, the trip turned out to be great. Despite all of my prior concerns, I am actually very happy that I went. I had a wonderful time seeing my family and friends and living the life I used to live eight years ago. While I was there, everything seemed normal – it felt like this life in New York simply did not exist; it felt like I never left Russia. I was in this state on euphoria for almost the entire trip, but it would be periodically interrupted when I needed to interact with people outside of my family/friends circle. See, in Russia you simply cannot ask a sale person a question as their reaction to any question is to stare at you silently for a few seconds as if saying “Did you really just ask me this dumb question?!” and then reply with a three-four-sentence condescending response when all you need is “Yes” or “No”. And the lines. The lines in the stores, pharmacies, at the post office are simply ridiculous. But to be honest, these are the only two things that seemed unusual compared to our lives here. Other than that, I was surprised to see my home city improve quite a bit.

I made it a point of my entire trip to just take things in and enjoy every minute of my visit, and I think I was successful at doing so. Every single day I would find it difficult to believe how much better things got there. At some point, I even started questioning whether there is a possibility that I may come back. But of course these crazy thoughts completely vanished as soon as I stepped my foot of the grounds of JFK International Airport. 

 {My grandma and I - first day of my visit}

 {A view from our apartment window, this is where I grew up}

 {My best friend and I}

{My uncle and two cousins}

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