Monday, August 18, 2014

College Life

I had a nostalgia hit, again. But this time, it wasn’t for Russia or for my parents’ house – it was for my university. As I was planning a trip out to Philadelphia to see my parents, I was dreaming of visiting Temple University on Saturday just to walk through the campus, reminisce the days of my college young,  revive those memories of my education journey. Just as planned, I arrived to Philly on Saturday morning, my parents picked me up from the station and after some exploring of Philly’s Chinatown, we headed to visit the main campus of Temple University.

I felt good and a little melancholic navigating through the campus – good for having done it, for having accomplished my Bachelor’s degree in four years; melancholic for missing the days of going to classes, leaning something new, meeting new people. My mind started racing. Would I go back to school? What would I study for? Would I come back to Temple or apply to a university in New York City? Should I do it sooner rather than later or should I hold off until I have more work experience and am more aware of what I want to do? As the questions piled up in my head, I was growing more and more determined that yes, I will come back to school, but not immediately. I do need more time to discover what it is I want to focus on for my future career. I have so many ideas and plans and they change so frequently that the only right thing to do now is wait. I will never know for sure what I want to do in the future, but I can at least eliminate the ideas that will not be relevant in the near future. Once I have a more contained set of ideas I can think about applying myself to something that feels right for me.

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