Tuesday, June 3, 2014

No Changes

There are certain things in life that escape our memory and do not carry much meaning in the future; there are certain things worth holding on to and revisiting every once in a while. Sounds, smells, tastes – there is a whole array of feelings that can bring us back to a certain moment of our lives. And it is not a bad thing. I think it is very nice sometimes to revisit a certain memory, to relive a certain moment. In fact, one of my favorite occupations is to go through my old pictures every once in a while, and reevaluate the course of my life, what I had been up to at that time, and if there is anything I need to improve or change in my life.

As I was thinking about what to write in my next post, I went through a number of picture folders saved on my laptop. I came across this folder with pictures from a year ago. I have been ignoring it for quite a while, as I thought it would not make sense to post pictures from last year where I look so much different. However, I think I do have a meaningful topic associated with them. Yes, here I’m blonde. Changing my hair color on a frequent basis (very frequent to be exact) has truly been a weakness of mine for the past few years. I keep going back and forth with dying my hair from dark brown to almost the lightest blonde. There is something about the change of seasons that truly makes you crave physical changes; or maybe it’s not the seasons, but the mood I am in at the time; or maybe it is the seasons that dictate the mood… Anyways, who knows what it is, but this time around things truly changed. As I look at my old pictures, I realize that I don’t want to go back to that. I loved how things were a year ago, but this is a new stage of my life and I am taking it more seriously this time. I want to make an effort to stop going back and forth, especially that usually these changes are triggered because someone says something. I want to stop and think about what I want and what is more comfortable to me. And this is a good sign that as I look at these pictures, I do not feel the need to change. I do like what I see but for the first time in my life it does not mean going back to the way I was. 

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  1. It is! It is a really good sign! And it is not just about a color of your hair. It means much more...