Friday, June 27, 2014


For the past few weeks I have been overflown with anticipation of moving to a new apartment. Having stayed at my current place for the past two year, I knew it was time for a change. It happened very quickly - with my lease expiring on June 30th, I gave myself a plan to start looking for an apartment right after my birthday, May 17th. Ironically enough, on May 18th I got a text from one of my best friends asking if I knew of someone who would want to move in with her in her apartment in Brooklyn. I did! I had been considering moving to Brooklyn for a while at that point and of course I took it as a sign. We started discussing the possibility of me moving there, listing all the things that would work out just great and how much fun we could have together. From that point on I knew that was my only option - this was right for me. So a couple of weeks later we met up with the landlord and the lease was signed on the spot. This is how things typically work with me: if I let go of the situation - like in this case I was not stressing out about finding an apartment, I knew it would happen - things just work out in a magical way. So I was set with an apartment. I have been picturing my new life at a new place, excited about all the changes in my life. A couple of days ago I started packing (boy, do I have a lot of stuff!) and I would get a little sentimental here and there, just seeing my closets and drawers empty out, but it hasn't really hit me until this morning. I was walking out the door leaving for work when I realized that this was my last morning going to work from this location. Tears formed in my eyes and I couldn't help but let out a heavy-hearted sigh. How sentimental of me. But it is hard. It has been two years of me living at this place - this was my very first NYC apartment, my first place of living on my own; I went through the highest of ups and the lowest of downs here; I grew as a person, shaping into the person I am today. I know I will continue to grow and change no matter when I am, no matter where I go, and don't get me wrong I am still very excited about my upcoming change, but it is a little sad. I have always had a difficulty with leaving something (and someone) behind. Letting go is a great skill and I am working on improving it. I know I have some great things ahead of me, but I can't not take this time and not thank life for the past two years. I will stay forever grateful for the great experiences and a great learning process it has given me.

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  1. What a lovely remembrance of your first two years of independence. You have learned a lot and now you can take your life lessons to Brooklyn for the next phase. I wish you all the best in your new place.