Thursday, June 12, 2014

Days Like These

Do you ever have those days when all of your fears suddenly arise, when everything that bothers you in your life, everything you generally try not to think about, starts appearing in your mind and weighing down on you heavily? Those days when you become more self-conscious than usual and you start questioning your own self-worth – are you really the nice person everyone thinks you are or are you in fact a selfish soul who only cares about her/himself? You want to be better, you want to please everyone, but what is the formula that makes everyone happy? During these days you don’t care about how you feel, you just want the people around you to be happy because their happiness makes you feel better, it makes you happier. I don’t like those days as they make me question whether everything I have been working towards is actually right for me. Am I pleased with how things are in my life? Yes, when I think about my own goals and my own self (is this the definition of selfish?); but do the others accept? Are they alright with me not being right next to them? Will they be pleased with my decisions and choices? And if the answer to any of the last three questions is ‘No’, should I change my life path? In days like this I start questioning so many things. But this is only certain days, tomorrow things will be different.


  1. I think your last comment is the one to hold onto, Olga. Days when we question ourselves are just part of the ups and downs of life. Holding onto hope and remembering that tomorrow will bring new opportunities makes the rough days bearable.

    1. Ms. Madeline, you are right. That is usually what keeps me going - whenever I feel like this I just need to stop and remind myself that tomorrow WILL be a better day. And it usually is :)