Saturday, May 31, 2014

True Colors

Sooner or later everyone shows their true colors. We don’t need to try to get to the core of someone’s nature – the time and the right situation will show what really drives a person’s behavior. Don’t be too blind to see something when everyone tells you to watch out, don’t think you will have it differently. It is great to remain positive and trusting, but do not completely dismiss the talk around you. The truth will always come out. I came across this saying that best thing about the worst times is really the fact that you get to see the true colors of people in your life. Don’t let someone’s negativity get to you as this will start destroying you and making your life miserable. We are all driven by our emotions and we all get influenced by other people’s attitudes. Don’t allow it to ruin your mood, you beliefs and your motivation. No matter how tough the situation is, keep true to yourself and give love back. 

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