Thursday, May 22, 2014

This Is Me

Our lives truly begin with the moment we start loving ourselves. The moment we're able to say: "This is me! I am who I am and I accept and love everything about me. Take it or leave it, I do not want to change just to make someone else happy." This moment may come and go – we would feel great and confident at some times, then go back to feeling vulnerable and insecure. That is a normal reaction; feeling vulnerable and insecure does not have to associate with 'self-dislike'. We can just as well accept those moments and treat them not as our weaknesses but as our strengths. And you know why? Because in those moments we ARE true to ourselves. We are letting ourselves feel down, or express what we truly feel inside. There is no need to pretend being strong or feeling great just because we're "not supposed to" be sad in someone else's dictionary. Create your own dictionary using your own language, write your whole book in that language and you will see people who are truly there for you will know your language and people who want to be in your life will learn it; and everyone unwilling to understand it will never get a chance to know the true you. And that is absolutely fine.
{Getting ready for a customer meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina}

{Hotel room art at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina}

{I love the décor of this little corner so of course I took a picture}


{Cool lobby décor}

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  1. Super post, Olga! Totally agree with you.