Friday, May 9, 2014


I heard somewhere that blue is a color of hope and dreams. Maybe that is why looking at the pictures of the below outfit, the first thing that came to mind was to writing about dreams. Out of all those clich├ęd words inside picture frames that you can buy at any store these days, such as ‘believe’, ‘faith’, ‘love’, etc., ‘dream’ has always been the one I reached for. There is something about this word, about the concept of a dream that gives us hope for better things in life and helps us create life goals and strive for achieving them. Dreams are tricky – sometimes I get caught up in imagining something so perfect that after my ‘dream’ does not come true 100% as I imagined it, I end up disappointed and discouraged. But the bounce-back is a great thing and a couple of hours/days later, I am ready to move on and continue the pursuit of my dreams. This happens quite a lot, but it is not enough of a reason to stop dreaming. Our whole lives consist of exploring the world, finding something we like, wishing for it (or dreaming) and working towards obtaining it. The end result is not really a matter of how hard you try, it’s more of a life’s way to reward us (whether the outcome it good or bad, I still consider it a reward) for all our efforts. So don’t get caught up in the end result – stay grounded, dream, build those ‘sand castles’ in your mind and don’t be afraid to get them ruined. It’s all about the process and your ability to accept changes in your life’s direction. As they say: “fall down seven times, stand up eight,” and when you do stand up, don’t forget to continue dreaming.

Shirt: Express;  Skirt: via Bolton's;  Booties: Franco Sarto

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  1. I still love to dream! Great outfit, Olga!