Saturday, May 31, 2014

True Colors

Sooner or later everyone shows their true colors. We don’t need to try to get to the core of someone’s nature – the time and the right situation will show what really drives a person’s behavior. Don’t be too blind to see something when everyone tells you to watch out, don’t think you will have it differently. It is great to remain positive and trusting, but do not completely dismiss the talk around you. The truth will always come out. I came across this saying that best thing about the worst times is really the fact that you get to see the true colors of people in your life. Don’t let someone’s negativity get to you as this will start destroying you and making your life miserable. We are all driven by our emotions and we all get influenced by other people’s attitudes. Don’t allow it to ruin your mood, you beliefs and your motivation. No matter how tough the situation is, keep true to yourself and give love back. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

This Is Me

Our lives truly begin with the moment we start loving ourselves. The moment we're able to say: "This is me! I am who I am and I accept and love everything about me. Take it or leave it, I do not want to change just to make someone else happy." This moment may come and go – we would feel great and confident at some times, then go back to feeling vulnerable and insecure. That is a normal reaction; feeling vulnerable and insecure does not have to associate with 'self-dislike'. We can just as well accept those moments and treat them not as our weaknesses but as our strengths. And you know why? Because in those moments we ARE true to ourselves. We are letting ourselves feel down, or express what we truly feel inside. There is no need to pretend being strong or feeling great just because we're "not supposed to" be sad in someone else's dictionary. Create your own dictionary using your own language, write your whole book in that language and you will see people who are truly there for you will know your language and people who want to be in your life will learn it; and everyone unwilling to understand it will never get a chance to know the true you. And that is absolutely fine.
{Getting ready for a customer meeting in Charlotte, North Carolina}

{Hotel room art at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina}

{I love the décor of this little corner so of course I took a picture}


{Cool lobby décor}

Sunday, May 18, 2014

May 17, 2014

Every year around the first day of spring I get the same anxious feeling about something that is coming up. I am not talking about the approaching summer season, which is also very exciting; what I am referring to is one day in life that I love probably the most – May 17th, aka my birthday. I don’t know where this obsession came from and when it began, but for as long as I can remember, I have always treated my birthdays as something truly special and somewhat sacred. Every year, as the spring comes along, I start counting down the days and planning my celebration. I can say that generally I am not a person who craves attention in my daily life; in fact, I get quite uncomfortable when the spotlight is on me (unless I’m out dancing, that’s when I just have to be in the middle of the dance floor). Call it shy, call it boring – it is what it is. However, there is this one day every year when I like everything to be just about me, and I’m not shy about letting everyone know that “today is my birthday”. I love living my birthdays to the fullest. The busier the day – the better!
As you may already know, this year, the year of the Horse according to the Chinese zodiac horoscope, is also the year I was born in. I am not a huge believer in horoscopes but I think there is definitely something to it. Therefore, I wanted this year to be more meaningful and unique. Whether it meant spending the day completely by myself doing something I enjoyed or going out with friends, I wanted to truly focus on what I felt inside. I must say, the mission was accomplished – this year’s birthday was absolutely amazing and truly meaningful! From the beautiful birthday wishes I received from my family and friends (thank you so much everyone for such kind words!) to spending every minute of the day doing something I loved, it will certainly be a day to remember. Here’s a little picture story capturing my May 17th, 2014.

I woke up, got ready and decided to go out for brunch. As I was heading out the door, I decided to grab my new camera and try it out on the NYC scenery (the picture above was intentionally made so blurry. Adds a creative touch J). 

 The day was absolutely beautiful – sunny, warm, uplifting.

I was happy to run into a street fair that ran on 9th Avenue between 30s and 50s Streets. I didn't buy anything but it's very exciting that it's finally the 'street fair' season in NYC!

After I browsed through the street fair and had my brunch, I headed over to a nail salon for a birthday mani/pedi.

With my new beautiful nails, I decided to take a few shots of the beautiful NYC sites.

Back of the New York Public Library, Bryant Park.

Spring flower beds in Bryant Park.

I just love these old street lamps you can find all over the city. I always try to capture them in my photos.

The evening was reserved for a dinner with the girls at Tartinery, a French restaurant in Nolita. Make sure to check it out if you are ever in NYC - great food, affordable prices, amazing ambiance!

My birthday celebration came to its close with the rising sun of the next day J


Sunday, May 11, 2014

High Waisted Pants

As summer is getting closer and closer, I need to hurry up with posting some of my older (and warmer) outfits which I photographed a while ago. A couple more weeks and it simply will not be relevant with the New York City heat (if it ever gets warm outside). The high-waisted pants trend has been slowly but surely growing on me for the past few months to the point where I can confidently say – I’m in love with it! It’s chic, it’s comfortable, it keeps it all in (as in there is no belly/’muffin tops’ hanging out) – it’s the best solution to so many fashion problems! In my opinion, jeans like this are a great combination of retro and glam-rocker styles and can certainly be dressed up or dressed down according to the occasion. My choice for a casual Friday day at work was to pair the high-waisted jeans with a casual floral top, combat-type boots, and a big chunky jacket. As versatile as these jeans are, I can’t wait to try out other style ideas with these pants. As usually, pictures are definitely forthcoming. 

Friday, May 9, 2014


I heard somewhere that blue is a color of hope and dreams. Maybe that is why looking at the pictures of the below outfit, the first thing that came to mind was to writing about dreams. Out of all those clichéd words inside picture frames that you can buy at any store these days, such as ‘believe’, ‘faith’, ‘love’, etc., ‘dream’ has always been the one I reached for. There is something about this word, about the concept of a dream that gives us hope for better things in life and helps us create life goals and strive for achieving them. Dreams are tricky – sometimes I get caught up in imagining something so perfect that after my ‘dream’ does not come true 100% as I imagined it, I end up disappointed and discouraged. But the bounce-back is a great thing and a couple of hours/days later, I am ready to move on and continue the pursuit of my dreams. This happens quite a lot, but it is not enough of a reason to stop dreaming. Our whole lives consist of exploring the world, finding something we like, wishing for it (or dreaming) and working towards obtaining it. The end result is not really a matter of how hard you try, it’s more of a life’s way to reward us (whether the outcome it good or bad, I still consider it a reward) for all our efforts. So don’t get caught up in the end result – stay grounded, dream, build those ‘sand castles’ in your mind and don’t be afraid to get them ruined. It’s all about the process and your ability to accept changes in your life’s direction. As they say: “fall down seven times, stand up eight,” and when you do stand up, don’t forget to continue dreaming.

Shirt: Express;  Skirt: via Bolton's;  Booties: Franco Sarto