Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Speakeasy Event

Last Saturday I got a chance to attend another beautiful Speakeasy Dollhouse: The Brothers Booth event. If you are in NYC and you are not looking to try something new (and ah-mazing!), I highly recommend participating in this incredible play featuring live jazz, moonshine and burlesque. How many opportunities, where we are encouraged to dress in the 1920s fashion and enjoy amazing live music, beautiful ambiance and an intriguing story plot, do we get in today's day and age? These events present the best means to escape our daily routines and immerse into a place full of glamour, fun and creativity.

This time I chose to wear this mint colored dress from LOFT, which resembles something close to the 1920s fashion. I do, however, feel a little bad that I did not put as much effort into my accessories, specifically a headpiece. But I will not get upset - there is always the next time to try out and perfect a new look. That's right, oh yes I'm going again =)
{Always wear my velco roller around the apartment - gotta keep those bangs wavy!}




  1. lovely, nice pics!!

  2. what a cool event and i love the minty color of your dress!

    cute & little
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