Sunday, March 16, 2014

Peaches and Green

This somewhat strange combination - of bright peachy orange and khaki green colors - was certainly a brave pairing; however, I think it actually worked out flawlessly. Since the brighter color of the button-down shirt is toned down by the calmer color of the sweater, the two pieces are not interfering, but in turn contribute to each other in a way that makes the overall outfit interesting and fun.

I certainly am a big fan of strange color combinations. How great is fashion of the 21st century? There are almost no rules in terms of color, textures, shapes, etc. Now the key is, of course, not to get completely carried away; but it seems like these days it's very hard to push the limit as there is a demand for every invention of the human mind. 

Sweater: via Strawberries;  Shirt: Express;  Pants: NY & Company;  Boots: BCBG

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