Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Little Black Dress

A little black dress, also known as the LBD, has, is and probably always will be one of the staples of any grown-up closet. Introduced in 1926 by the legendary Coco Chanel, this clothing piece has really made its way into the hearts and closets of women all around the world. With the variety of shapes, textures, features, fits, there is an LBD for any occasion, any personality and any mood. Any simple little black dress can go a long way with the right accessories and with a little touch of the right attitude. While the possibilities and ideas for styling the LBD are endless, I want to provide my few tips and suggestions to help you find your favorite style and make the most out of this closet staple.

Texture: Sequins, Leather, Lace

1) for more of a fabulous effect, try pairing a black sequined dress and gold accessories and jewelry;
2) rock a leather dress with metal accessories for an edgier look;
3) try a feminine approach by wearing a lace dress and pearl jewelry

Shape: A-line, Maxi, T-Shirt

1) girlie a-line shape can be easily accompanied by such accessories as silk scarves, flower belts and cute gemstone earrings
2) t-shirt dresses go well with long necklaces, bangles and tougher boots
3) not really a little black dress, a maxi dress can be a great canvas to showcase your higher-end jewelry and shoes

Disproportion: Long-Sleeved Mini, Asymmetrical, One-Shoulder

1) the modest silhouette of such dress calls for bright and chunky jewelry
2) matching your shoes and bag may be ‘old news’ but try selecting brighter colors and you will be right on point for any occasion
3) go all back for a more sophisticated look

Features: Cutouts, Front Zippers, Embellishments

The most critical thing when it comes to dresses with such features as cutouts, front zippers and embellishments is not to overdo with accessories and jewelry as these dresses are already quite expressive as they are. Keep it simple, keep it classy, keep it beautiful.
1) large, stand-out rings
2) sleek clutches
3) sky-high heels

Bodycon: Long-Sleeved, Sleeveless, Spaghetti Strap

Bodycon dresses are a great foundation for any types of fitted jackets. Tailored casual, biker and professional jackets and blazers all focus on enhancing your figure by making your waist smaller and creating a much desired hourglass shape.
1) Tailors jackets
2) Bulky necklaces
3) Arm jewelry (e.g. watches, bangles, ring)

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