Monday, March 3, 2014


I have noticed recently that every year I go through a very similar cycle, which I play out subconsciously season after season. It typically starts in the fall, when the realization that the cold, dark winter days are right around the corner makes me very sad and blue. Subconsciously, I turn into a vulnerable, self-deprecating person and in a very strange way I start focusing on the negative, upsetting things in my life – all the wrong things as there are always lots and lots of great things I can be grateful for. Winters are especially tough, as I struggle with the grayness of the days, holidays away from my family, heaviness of the bulky winter clothes. Fortunately, next comes the best time yet. As the spring sun starts melting the snow away and warming up the ground, I start coming out of my winter coma. At this time, happiness, gratefulness and inspiration become my every-day guides.

Inspiration. What an incredible feeling to be inspired. Regardless of what that inspiration is, it truly makes every day more exciting and simply better. It gives you something to look forward to, it helps you grow and makes you more observant of the world around you. It can come from within you or it can come from the outside sources. As part of my yearly cycle, it is for the second year in a row that I was lucky to attend an event that brings great inspiration to my life. You may recall this post from almost exactly a year ago, when I first attended the Speakeasy Dollhouse play, an immersive play set in the 1920s-1930s featuring amazing actors and burlesque dancers and following a mysterious and truly intriguing murder story. I remember how after I attended the play for the first time and got a chance to immerse myself into the world of beautiful artistry, creativity and talent I was determined to make all those things a part of my life as well. I picked up my writing, I sketched and drew, I listened to jazz and the likes of Frank Sinatra. At that time I was happy. I found inspiration. Somehow throughout the year it faded away. It’s just one of those things – very easy to slip away. The good news is that it as easily can be gained back given the right circumstances. Luckily, a couple of days ago, I got a chance to attend another Speakeasy Dollhouse event – The Brothers Booth. Set in a different but just as beautiful setting as its predecessor, the play brought a flash of the same amazing emotions and inspiring feelings. Yet again, I am happy to have participated in an event that puts me in the best of moods and shows me the importance of doing what you truly love. It is very clear that every person involved in the creation and the happening of each of these events enjoys it to the highest degree. You can feel the great energy and the amazing atmosphere of talent, joy and inspiration. Every performer gives the audience a part of their world; and that is exactly what makes these events so successful and so inspiring. 

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